Platform screen doors at Zličín


Prague is stepping into the future with the testing of platform screen doors at the Zličín metro station on Line B. This is part of the broader plans for the expansion of Prague’s metro system, especially with the upcoming Line D, which will feature driver-less metro trains. Platform screen doors are important for driverless systems to add a proper physical barrier between the tracks and the platform.

the platform screendoors

What’s happening at Zličín?

Currently, only the first metro cas has the station doors on the platforms installed and passengers cannot use them (and enter the first car as well) as they’re fenced off. As of now, it’s unknown if and when will the first passengers be able to walk through the platform screen doors.

The company behind installing the new doors is AŽD Praha.

Current issues

While I was observing the doors I noticed several issues which can all be seen in the video.

  • Opening delays: The platform doors do not open simultaneously with the train doors, causing a slight delay.
  • LED strips Lag: The LED strips on the doors are not synchronizing properly with the information displayed on the screens.
  • Inconsistencies in LED Behavior: The first door’s LED strip flashes before staying lit, while the second door remains continuously lit up the whole time when the doors are closing.

These are minor glitches typical of a testing phase, and I hope AŽD will address them.


boarding on the LCD screen doors closing on the LCD screen

The driver has a special door at the front, right next to the LCD screen showing direction and the departure times.

drivers door with the LCD screen focus on the LCD screen

What’s Next?

New platform doors are quite an exciting step for any metro system, however, in my personal opinion this step should’ve come much sooner and already be operational on more stations for both safety and climate control reasons.

Thanks for reading, if you have some feedback feel free to contact me.