My experience


I started my journey with Luau in early 2017, and have since become proficient in object-oriented programming (OOP) and various frameworks such as Knit, along with modules such as ProfileServices.


I also have experience with RobloxTS and related modules like Roact and Net, which I use regularly in my personal projects.

Debugging & Performance Improvements

I like to focus on optimisations and code improvement, so I have experience with both Parallel Luau and MicroProfiler.

Exploit prevention

I’ve gained extensive experience in designing and testing anti-cheat and exploit prevention methods.

UI Design

For several years I’ve been working on improving my UI design skills, mainly for my own projects and testing UI, focusing mainly on modern style.


As a native Czech speaker, I can translate texts or entire projects from English to Czech and vice versa.


Beyond Roblox, I have hands-on experience with JavaScript, TypeScript, C and C#.

System Administration

I also have practical experience in system and network administration, maintaining a number of services on my personal servers. I also run a Minecraft semi-vanilla server, which preserves the “old” Minecraft server feel without pay-to-win mechanics and performance issues.

My work

Emergency Hamburg

Nourity Corporation

I worked on Chocolate Bar Tycoon as one of two developers working on updates & fixing game-breaking bugs after the previous developer quit. I’ve also helped with other studio projects.

Rail of Ostrava

During my time as a developer at Rail of Ostrava, I mainly worked on the design and implementation of the tram spawning integrated into the main menu screen.

Spirit Airlanes, Inc.

I was primarily an assistant scripter, working tirelessly to fix numerous bugs in the game, as well as various potential exploits (mainly related to the lack of sanity checks on the server) and existing backdoors.